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  1. the synth in pop charts....

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    hi everyone... where can i find the synth in chorus of "22" by taylor swift...and its everywhere on charts in choruses... its making the chorus very big and po

    Rss viewed 1016 times | asked by guest 467 day 21 h

  2. Questions about recording audio to external firewire 800 drive

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    I am going to start recording to an external hard drive now as i've heard you shouldnt record to the internal drive (or wherever the OS is).  I have a coup

    Rss viewed 3490 times | asked by j l 1306 day 2 h

  3. playback only comes out one ear.

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    When i record, and playback, it only comes out one ear, either the left or the right depending on which input im using and there are only the 2 inputs. Each inp

    Rss viewed 7730 times | asked by Joey Critelli 1321 day 16 h

  4. specific acoustic guitar sound?

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    ok so i'm looking to get specific guitar sounds here are some examples of the exact sound im looking for:

    Rss viewed 2100 times | asked by Rueben Lovescheesecake Jankowiak 1323 day 2 h

  5. Suggestions to improve guitar recording quality

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    Hey folks, nice site this is! Having a few issues directly recording with a new preamp; the sound is very quiet, and relatively bad quality (very fuzzy). I'm a

    Rss viewed 3444 times | asked by Sparticcus 1346 day 18 h

  6. Digital Home Recording studio gear what is all needed ? any recomadations on any gear?

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    From the ground up including computer price limit about 12,ooo Canadian for the whole set up for a price range for the quality of the g

    Rss viewed 3319 times | asked by Cam Gross 1577 day 4 h

  7. how to equailize on ableton?

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    Rss viewed 1984 times | asked by Cam Gross 1712 day 2 h

  8. mics like rode RØDE NT1000?

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    my boy uses RØDE NT1000 and it sounds very good...we both use exact same software, interface and laptops but his quality crushes....we both have deep voi

    Rss viewed 3855 times | asked by zach 1837 day 7 h