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Audio Hiss Recording Classical Guitar

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Gravatar photo manji0928

Why am I getting hiss when recording my classical guitar?  I am recording through a Sterling Audio ST51 to the Tascam DP004 digital 4 track.  I am running through a Phantom Power box, but I am only getting about a half bar of audio signal at the Tascam.  This is placing the mic about 2 inches from the soundhole.  I am recording in my living room.  Any suggestions to boost signal or am I making any obvious errors?

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    Gravatar phototnjsax

    It might be a bad cable, it might be damaged electronics in your phantom power box giving you the hissing and upper frequency harmonic distortion, it could be your mic, or it could be a bit more simple than that. I might be giving you the wrong solution for what you are trying to do. I would recommend turning the gain of the mic channel down for when you record. Then normalize the track when you mix it down to get a more audible waveform.

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    Gravatar photoJay Moore

    Like tnjsax could be something as simple as a bad cable. XLR connecters are balanced connections, so if one of the pins has an issue, I can totally see that causing that problem. It could basically be anything...the phantom power box (as mentioned), it could be a preamp issue. But getting some audio and mostly noise would seem like some kind of mismatch in wiring.

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    Gravatar photoSkyler Pierpoint

    Bad cable?

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    Gravatar photoguest

    It sounds like your gain structure is incorrect. Read this article to learn how to properly set it up:

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    Gravatar photoguest

    Could be the 4 track. I use to get an awful hiss using a tascam 8 track. If you have the money invest in a digital audio workstation. Logic pro is 199.00. It will change your life...

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