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Audio volume fades while DI guitar recording

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Gravatar photo Kev

Hey firstly any help would be greatly appreciated. Ok the problem is I do a lot of DI guitar recording usually in to Cubase Sx2, i had a computer failure last week and had to reinstall everything. Since then whenever i record audio thru my mic /audio in jack it will record fine for about 10-15 seconds then the audio starts losing volume, it never quite goes full.

If I stop playing for a second and then resume playing it records fine again for 10-15 seconds. I'm guessing its some setting somewhere, but i cant figure it out. I've got a Realtek HD audio card, i record into cubase, guitar tracks pro 3 but the problem occurs with every program. I've tried using a preamp and the problem still happens.....

Any suggestions?

I have a Samsung R60 Plus laptop Pentium 4 Dual Core 3.4 gh 2gb Ram 100gig free on my drives Realtek HD Audio Card.

  • So you're recording directly to the built-in audio card? Are you using a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter from the guitar to the sound card?

    Justin Vencel | Feb 16 at 04:02

  • Yeah exactly. Tried using a berhinger guitar direct input device too, thinking that it might keep the signal boosted but the volume fades thru that too.

    Kev | Feb 16 at 04:02

  • Have you tried another source? Can you try recording an mp3 playing in to the input? See if the signal does the same thing. If it does, there they might be problem with the sound card. You need to start narrowing down the possible problems.

    Justin Vencel | Feb 16 at 05:02

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  1. Answered: 1804 day 23 h (1) | Permalink

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    Gravatar photoKev

    Thanks Justin, reading your comment gave me the idea to run a single midi note lasting 20 seconds thru the system and the problem still occurred, so it was the sound card.

    After much searching i found a setting called Acoustic Echo Cancellation which I turned off and bingo, all is fine again... thanks again

    • Cool, glad it worked out. I suppose you can mark your own answer as the best answer then!

      Justin Vencel | Feb 17 at 01:02

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  2. Answered: 1530 day 6 h (0) | Permalink

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    Gravatar photoguest

    I have been fighting with the same issue - thanks SO SO MUCH for posting the Accoustic Echo cancellation comment....trying SO hard to get some time critical stuff recorded on a $40 budget - this was SO helpful....

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    Gravatar photoguest

    I also have the same problem, however i tried turning off the Acoustic Echo Cancellation, and nothing changes??

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    Gravatar photoguest

    i also have the similar problem... running audacity on my laptop does this but fades in and out like a gentle wave like form. but is also similarly muffling the sound as if there is too much power needed and it is draining it. although, for the first 10 seconds or so it is perfect.

    BUT, on my PC, same program, same mic and levels etc... it runs fine altogether/ 

    i put it down to my laptop being weaker, though it is newer and faster and more RAM, GHZ blah blah. so i guess my sound card is the weak link here? i'll try echo cancellation. fingers crossed and at least thank you for a new lead to try :)danny

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    Gravatar photoguest

    didn't work for me.. i assume my sound card is the weak link here :(


  6. Answered: 1227 day 16 h (0) | Permalink

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    Gravatar photoguest

    I was having the same problem with screen capturing software like Camtasia or Cam Studio.  Turning off Automatic Echo Cancellation works, but i sound like i'm in a cave.

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