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Does anyone know about the Zoom R16?

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Gravatar photo adubproductions

Ok, so im looking for a cheap Control surface from my home studio.. just something cheap and easy to help when i mix and what not.. i've been looking around and found the Zoom R16.. its about $400 and has a nice amount of features.. most of witch i wont even be using.. but nonetheless (great price even for just a control surface), it says it's also a interface and control surface for many DAW's. It comes with cubase 4 and some websites say it works with Pro-Tools and others omit the name but list a couple others and say "and more".. all the reviews only talk about all the other features that i am not interested in. I rather not shell out 4 bills just to "see" if it works... any help?

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    Gravatar photoJustin Vencel

    I've always liked the Frontier Alphatrack as a great low-priced option.  It's got all the great shuttle controls that are so useful but the real advantage is the motorized fader. The fader and three knobs have a conductive metal surface that registers as soon as you touch them, and there's nothing like doing several passes on a track and always having the fader move to the exact spot it's supposed to be (this make small corrective movements super simple).

    It also has a control strip that allows you to drag one finger across the strip, and it scrolls you through your project’s time line... drag two fingers, and the speed increases.

    I would trade a bunch of static faders for a single motorized fader any day.  Because you're working in a DAW and all automation is instantly saved and edited with each pass...there really is little need for multiple faders unless you have really large projects.

    • Thanks Justin! what about the Behringer BCF 2000. it has 8 motorized faders for under $200 seems too good to be true.. makes me skeptical.. and i really dont like that it has NO Transport control... almost a deal breaker... but I have heard a lot of good things about the Alphatrack and that might be the one i go with, but it doesn't hurt to ask..

      adubproductions | Jan 07 at 11:01

    • I haven't had any experience with the BCF 2000 at all. Maybe you can find an audio store that carries it and try it out.

      Justin Vencel | Jan 08 at 03:01

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    Gravatar photoguest

    I have a Zoom R16 and it CAN be used with Protools 8 BUT it takes a bit of fiddling.

    See my explanation how to at



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