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Has anyone used Yamaha's Sub Kick in a mix or have any experience with one?

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Gravatar photo Justin Vencel

I've always wondered about Yamaha's sub kick and been a bit intrigued by it.  I know basically how it works (reverse wiring it so that the speaker acts like a microphone diaphragm) but I don't know of any concrete studio uses for it.

I was wondering if anyone out there has had an experience using this before, or if you have any ideas of practical application for it.

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    Gravatar photoDjahole

    Hi Justin,

    I can't tell you anything about the special Yamaha subkick. But like to use a self made subkick! I think if you often record drums you will use 2or 3 Microphones:

    1 x dynamic for the attack

    1x Pressure Zone Microphone(PZM) for the low end punch

    1x large condenser mic for the resonance

    If you will use a Subkick you just need a dynamic for the attack an the sub for teh rest! that's the first!

    An ohter Point I think is that I'm often not realy satisfied with te sound of the PZM it has to much attack or anything else so I have to EQ it. With the Subkick I don't need so because it depends on the ammount of the membrane it need so much ennergy to move, so the hard trasient wont pass it and I get what I want without any EQ or so on!

    An you know time is money! If I can get the wished results during recording wil do it so!

    I hope I could help you if you have more questions feel free to ask!


    • Thanks so much. I didn't even think much about a PZM mic. I've always tried to do most of my kick micing with a single microphone but maybe it's time to do more experimentation with several mics more specifically suited to different parts of the frequency spectrum.

      Justin Vencel | Dec 21 at 02:12

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    Gravatar photoMix Master

    Never used that in particular but we used to make them out of a woofer from an NS10 (i'm pretty sure that was the inspiration for the subkick).  Used it like a giant dynamic microphone. 

    I used to hang one from a short mic stand in front of the kick and wire it to an xlr.  I'd usually put it on it's own track as it tended to be a bit too much. (it was big!)  I'm a really big fan of using the appropriate drum/guitar/amp when available.   Use the proper instrument with the proper mic and there usually isn't a need to jump through hoops to get a great sound. 

    That said, I'll use whatever is needed to get the job done.  I can't overstate the importance of nailing the source.  Pre production can save mountains of time and frustration.

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    Gravatar phototheDAWstudio

    I have used both the Sub Kick and home made models and they give similar results, but the sub kick is awesome (it is really simple plug and play where the home made versions usually have impedence and level difficulties). It allowed me to make an 18 inch jazz kick sound like a huge rock kick drum.

    Here is a little bit of the result

    • I didn't sign in, but this was my comment. I don't know how to change it to coming from theDAWstudio

      theDAWstudio | Dec 22 at 10:12

    • We got you back...don't worry.

      Recording Questions | Dec 23 at 02:12

    • I dig it. Recorded with an 18", not bad at all.

      Justin Vencel | Dec 23 at 02:12

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    Gravatar photoguest

    I have never used one and dont plan to.  If you mic the kick in the right way, you still have attack and plenty of low end..  if you have to, you can stack eqs to really bring out the 60hz and lower...  i dont get it..   ive always had killer bass drums with a beta 52 and if necessary a inside next to the batter head.  it just seems like an easy way out.. hell, why not trigger an 808 with the kick if ya need the low end?

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    Gravatar photoguest

    I have 2 of them they r really nice to fill in that extra low end  they work best with a shure bata 52 or somthing in that nature 

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