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How can I setup a vocoder on a vocal track with Logic 9?

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Gravatar photo skillz II

I know its a confusing process but can any1 from step 1 explain how to set it up using a vocal track on logic pro 9? new at logic and confused

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    Gravatar photoNeil Burne


    1. create a new audio track with the correct input for your mic. 
    2. create a new software instrument track and select the vocoder synth. 
    3. go to the side chain top right of the vocoder and select input 1 
    4. select preset of your choice 
    5. record enable both tracks and mute the audio track so you dont hear your voice only the vocoder 
    6. hit record and sing into the mic whilst playing the keyboard, when finished switch the side chain on the vocoder to audio 1 (or whatever the audio track is called) 
    7. turn record enable off and play back, you should have a vocoded vocal track.


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