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How do you use izotope vocal eraser?

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It's included with Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9. I have wav and mp3s that need vocals removed for re recording.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    Gravatar photoMartin Swain

    I've not had any experience with Izotope Vocal Eraser, so apologies in advance. But you can get a free VST plug-in from a manufacturer called Bootsy whose plug-in suite has something which might be of use to you. The plug-in is called RescueAE, and if you're recording for a commercial purpose you can still use these plug-ins for commercial use.

    If you add this effect to the wav file you're looking to get the vocals out of, all you need to do is to click on the 'mid' section to turn it off. This'll get rid of the vocal track completely leaving everything else pretty much intact. If you're using MP3s though, using this effect will make them sound a little wavey but it's great to use on wav files. I think all of the plug-ins have a pdf manual which you download with them which explains the type of effect and how to use them, so if you're stuck on something you can always refer to it.

    I know this has nothing to do with Izotope Vocal Eraser, but I hope this helps you out a bit. Look into the Bootsy plug-in suite as they're extremely good!

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    Gravatar photoguest

    I have this software and it doesn't work like you would think. I think it depends how the vocals are recorded in the song. It does lower the vocals some what though it doesn't remove them completely. You just have to take a chance and hope it works.  However its easy to use. Just load a song into sound forge and hit tools, and open vocal eraser. I am looking for a better software my self.


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    Gravatar photoDaniel Kushner

    Doesn't work by any definition of the word "work".

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    Gravatar photoguest

    Sorry I'm  not answering this. But I'm keeping another Question.

    Can I V E be used in Nuendo or cubase? Does it work in sound Forge 8?

    I have that one.

    Plz answer

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