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playback only comes out one ear.

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Gravatar photo Joey Critelli

When i record, and playback, it only comes out one ear, either the left or the right depending on which input im using and there are only the 2 inputs. Each input is for either one side or the other, left or right, they're labeled 1/L and 2/R. 

I've tried recording with the 'mono' button pushed down but the playback still only comes out one side.  the headphone adaptor is stereo.  this only happens when im using an 'empty' track, but if i choose an instrument sound (still using the mic), it plays back normally.  im using a samson condensor mic and Steinberg CI1 interface with Sequel LE 2 software.  When i pan to the opposite side that i chose to record, it cuts out completely.

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