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Questions about recording audio to external firewire 800 drive

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I am going to start recording to an external hard drive now as i've heard you shouldnt record to the internal drive (or wherever the OS is).  I have a couple questions about this if any one has the time to answer them.

1.  Would partitioning the drive into 2 parts (so that one can be used for audio recoriding and the other for sample libraries) be beneficial to the recording process or detrimental?  Do the partitions have to be in a certain order (for example, the first partion only for recording and the second for libraries)?

2.  Does the firewire 800 external drive need to have a power adapter or are portable ones just as good to use?

3.  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of external firewire hard drives that are good with Mac and are around or under $100?

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