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Running Pro Tools LE in a virtualized Windows XP session on Windows 7

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Gravatar photo Theo

My current system is 5 years old and I am planning to upgrade to a new PC. Since Windows 7 has been released and is getting rave reviews everywhere, I prefer to upgrade to this new OS. Unfortunately Pro Tools LE has not been certified with Windows 7 yet.

My question is: would it work if I installed Pro Tools in a Windows XP virtual machine and run that on top of Windows 7?

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    Gravatar photoMcSmooth

    This depends on what pro tools hardware you are using.  As far as I know, there is no virtual machine software that has support for firewire devices (other than drives).  If your interface uses firewire, you wont even be able to run Pro Tools since it requires their hardware.  If your interface uses USB, there is a chance you may be able to set up the port to pass through to the virtual machine.  I have not tried this with audio, but have had luck with other types of USB devices.

    Even if you do have a USB interface, I would still not recommend using a virtual mchine for audio or anything requiring a lot of resources and CPU.  You really want to dedicate your entire system to your DAW, then use virtual machine software to run simpler programs you don't want mucking with your system or that require a different OS.  You would be much better off setting up a dual boot if you would like to try the interface in the new OS.  That way you aren't out of luck if 7 and it's virtual pc do not work for you.

    • Thanks for the advice! This is really helping me out. I will stick with my Windows XP system for the time being until Pro Tools LE 8 has been certified or updated for Windows 7.

      Theo | Dec 09 at 10:12

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