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Steve Slate Drums- favorite kits?

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Gravatar photo Daniel Kushner

We just got Steve Slate EX, but are looking at the Metal expansion pack. What are everyone's favorite kits? Related- in the Kontact 3 player, how to I add a module for another drum?

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    Gravatar photoJustin Vencel

    The Steven Slate drums really are nice since he applies much of the processing for you.  His Dream Theater kit is pretty killer.  Unfortunately I don't use Kontact, I've been using FXpansion BFD for quite a while.

    • Steve Slate EX comes with the Kontakt 3 player. And I have Kontakt 2 (It's like having a Triton ready to go on your computer).

      Daniel Kushner | Apr 25 at 09:04

    • Let's hear what you do with it.

      Justin Vencel | Apr 25 at 12:04

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