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Suggestions for upgrading from Pro tools 6.1 LE

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Gravatar photo Phillip Q Treisman

Up until very recently, I had been using an old imac with Pro Tools LE 6.1 with a Digi002 Rack.  An archaic set up, i know, but whatever.

Today, I bought a new imac for recording, and I am wondering what the best, most cost-efficent way of upgrading my set up would be. I own 2 mixing boards, both very high-quality, but quite old by today's standards. In terms of software, I am not that picky,

I would like to have something fairly intuitive that doesn't take forever to figure out. To be quite honest I haven't even mastered all of 6.1, although i was fairly proficient. I usually run only 2-4 mics at once, but ideally i would like a set up that has as many, if not more, inputs as my rack. I still have all my serial codes and such.

Does anyone know what the best way to upgrade would be? Would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!!

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    Gravatar photoAlexandra Fehrman

    The cheapest way to upgrade to PT 8 would be to purchase a MBox Micro.  Its only $279.00 and you get the new software.  It is the cheapest way to obtain the new software. 

    ProTools 9 is now available, but they have discontinued the Micro so the cheapest way to obtain the software is to buy the MBox which comes with it. $899.

    Yikes, Digidesign and Avid have done it again. Eek.

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