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Suggestions to improve guitar recording quality

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Gravatar photo Sparticcus

Hey folks, nice site this is!

Having a few issues directly recording with a new preamp; the sound is very quiet, and relatively bad quality (very fuzzy). I'm a complete newbie to this stuff, but I'm using a USB interface (zoom effects pedal) with an imac, and cubase to record to. Sounds good through an amp, but dies off once i've run it though the computer, so i assume it's a software or PC connection issue. Any suggestions how i can improve the sound, such as get a shorter usb cord, record in higher quality, etc? 


  • Hey Sparticcus, I would love to help you out with your situation, but you're going to have to provide a bit more information regarding what pieces of gear you're using and how it is all connected. If you're not getting enough sound out of your preamp, chances are, something isn't connected or configured correctly somewhere along the signal path.

    tnjsax | Feb 27 at 08:02

  • It probably has nothing to do with your USB cable. Different lengths of USB cable don't affect quality. However, if your cable is longer than 5m (~16') you might notice data timing issues with your interface, but I doubt this is affecting your issue.

    tnjsax | Feb 27 at 08:02

  • What model Zoom are you using? Edit your question so we can help out.

    Recording Questions | Mar 15 at 11:03

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