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Techniques for adding vocal harmonies to recordings

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Gravatar photo phat_tunes

I'm trying to record vocal harmonies but I'm wondering what other techniques there are out there that I can try out.

Does anyone use any of the vocal harmonizers out there?

I'm looking for tips or techniques for recording and mixing vocal harmonies.

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    Gravatar photoDjahole

    I often use melodyne for hamoniaation if the singer is not in the mood or have the technical possibillities. I think nothing has thsi quality!

    But think about! Better double real instead of fix it in the mix!

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    Gravatar photoguest

    nothing sounds as real as actual human beings. it's the errors (phrasing and pitch) which give that lush sound.

    • I totally agree. There is nothing like a truly doubled part. But there are always those times when you just can't get a doubled part. I'll have to check into Melodyne a bit more closely.

      Justin Vencel | Nov 13 at 02:11

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    Gravatar photoguest

    Melodyne!!!!!!! Nothing beat it!!

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