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V-Drums, Recording, Midi, Sample Sets

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Gravatar photo Daniel Kushner

I'm recording a band where the drummer plays V-Drums. I'm tracking his midi for the pass through. My goal is to aim the midi at a sampler like Battery (which I have) or DFH (which I would need to buy), or if neccesary, just run the midi back through the V-Drums and capture the audio.

Does anyone have any tips for this? Any opinions on sample sets (not going BFD, I don't feel like dropping $300 for a pro bono project).

  • Running commentary: The drummer actually plays on TWO V-Drum kits, with two modules. This poses a new challenge because V-Drum units are apparently midi locked to channel 10. I only had one midi input, so I could only record one. Next week, I'll be bringing out another midi input, and I'll be setting up two separate tracks set to channel 10 to record from each input.

    Daniel Kushner | Sep 15 at 10:09

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    Gravatar photoJustin Vencel

    If you don't want to go too crazy, I would look into something like You can get some very nice samples at very affordable prices.

    Try giving J at a ring or email, he has come samples that you can use for a one-off project like this.   Tell him Justin sent you.

    • Thx Justin. I'll get in touch with J, see if he has anything that can help me out. I checked out betamonkey- it looks like it's loops. Am I just not looking in the right places?

      Daniel Kushner | Sep 15 at 10:09

    • I could have sworn they had samples as well..

      Justin Vencel | Sep 15 at 01:09

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    Gravatar photoguest

    Beta Monkey offers drum samples at now.

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