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What effects were used on the vocals in the Panda Bear track Comfy in Nautica?

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Gravatar photo Gml Lover

What effect combination do you think was used in the vocals for this song?  Is it just a nice big reverb?   (vocals start about 25 second in)

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    Gravatar photoMix Master

    It's a chamber, and a pretty good sounding one at that.  Sounds awfully like Bill Putnam's Echo Chambers from Cello Studios.  Same chambers used on The Beach Boys records.  I had the opportunity to use them before they (unfortunately) closed their doors.  There are great impulse responses of them for Altiverb.  My best educated guess.

    • Awesome, I has a suspicion that it was a reverb, but I'm not that adept at distinguishing between the different types.

      Gml Lover | Mar 24 at 09:03

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    Gravatar photoEraproof

    Hey Gml, the Vocals sounds like a mixture of 1large Hall, 1 Med size church, and 2 delays simultaneously 1 Long delay for extended vocal trails, and a short delay for added reflections. You will have to play with the presets of the delays and reverbs to get your desired sound. Hope I was able to help.

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    Gravatar photoApe Trax

    All these suggestions sound like they will work,  but remember not to discount arrangement and technique when you're trying to emulate certain sounds!  If I wanted that sound I'd have the main vocal recorded normally and the background layers either further back or maybe even stick a mic down a big hall or something.  Then, (and this is all assuming you're going for this with plugins) I'd probably wash it in my favorite plate reverb via FX sends.

    P.S. that song rules.

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    Gravatar photoguest

    It's the built in reverb on the Roland SP404 sampler. 

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