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What equipment do I need to get started recording?

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Gravatar photo Joseph Smith

I'm looking to get into recording and I need to buy the equipment to get started. I want to record mostly vocals and some acoustic guitar.

What will I need to buy in order to get up and recording with my computer?

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    Gravatar photoJustin Vencel

    It sounds like you just need a basic setup for your computer:

    Audio Interface:This is basically an advanced sound card for your computer that gets sounds in and out of your computer.  Most interfaces will allow you to plug microphones and other gear such as guitars or keyboards.  (If you buy a USB microphone you will not need an audio interface, but the trade off is lower audio quality)

    Microphone:Needed for recording voice and acoustic instruments.  You will be able to plug in any microphone with an XLR connector.  A good start would be a large diaphragm condenser microphone -- very good for vocals and all-around decent choice for most sound sources.

    Microphone Accessories:

    • Mic Cable - Connects the microphone to the audio interface.
    • Mic Stand - Holds the microphone in place as you record.
    • Pop Filter - Needed to stop the air noises when singing into your microphone.

    Recording Software (DAW):The software on your computer used to manipulate the audio from the interface.  You will use this to record, edit, mix, and export your finished songs.  There is a huge price range from program to program, but even simple programs will give you a good base to start from. (Many audio interfaces come with free recording software bundled with them.)

    The above equipment will, when used properly, give you the base to record very quality music.(With a few beats or backing tracks, good enough for the radio)  From this point on, you will need to learn proper recording techniques and song-writing skills to improve your over all product.

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    Gravatar photoMix Master

    Here are the basics:

    1. A mic to record vocals and instruments with
    2. Maybe a midi keyboard for synthesizer sounds
    3. An audio interface to connect the mic to your
    4. Computer.  Either a laptop or a desktop.
    5. Software to capture (record) and mix the sound
    6. Good speakers and or headphones to listen to you masterpieces

    There is a wide range of quality of all of the above.  Microphones can cost less than $100 to $15,000 for a professional tube mic.  (A Shure SM58 is a good inexpensive vocal mic)  The same price range is true with the interfaces, which converts the sound of the mic to digital information which gets recorded onto your hard drive. 

    To get started, Digidesign, the makers of Pro Tools, offers a few choices like the Mbox (it comes with an interface and the software) and the M-Audio software (which is pro tools software that can use most manufacturers interfaces).  There are many others that can be found on retailer’s websites, like  An extra might be a mixing board to use in between the mic and the interface, so you can adjust the sound of the mic a bit before recording it.

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    Gravatar photoAudio Institute of America

    here is our suggestion:

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    Gravatar photoDaniel Kushner

    Mbox 2, a mic, some headphones and a mic stand.

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    Gravatar photoskillz II

    depends on your money situation and how much you want to spend...also on your editing knowege.  if your just doing vocals get you a mic pre amp, condenser mic, pop filter, and obviously your cords.

    then your set.  i wouldnt spend much on a mic til you know how u sound and if u like it.

    audacity is a good way to start your editing and recording. simple and fun.

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    Gravatar photoPatrizio Pigliapoco


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    computer mic and hmm m donno 

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