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what plug in best suits the "choir" effect using logic pro?

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Gravatar photo Z$k

The best way to kinda describe what im asking is....the hook/beginning of Eminem- Not Afraid.  How it sounds like many voices sing or say what u say.  Is this a harmonizer?  

  • Which effect(s) do this?  
  • Are any of them built into logic?  
  • Are there any free plugins that can do this?  
  • What about Anteres?

In most of his and others songs, you hear a slight multi voice on verses. not voice overs.  but some kind of "full" effect.  not noticable if your not looking for it, but gives the vocals a clear and "full" sound.  I've tried the chrous and ensemble effects on logic but isnt quite what im looking for

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    Gravatar photoAlexandra Fehrman

    This article is out of date, and I'm sure there are a lot more plug-ins available now, but this might be a good place to start.

    Hope it helps.

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