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  1. Fostex Field Recorder FR2 battery pack

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    Hi, I wanted to get a battery pack and adapter that plugs into the power adapter for a fostex fr2 field recorder. I'm having trouble finding the right fit. Any

    Rss viewed 3379 times | asked by Tim 1486 day 3 h

  2. Sending midi audio to a separate output bus

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    Is it possible in Cubase SX? I am running Battery 3 and wish to send the audio from it to a group or bus channel for parallel compression. My midi outputs do

    Rss viewed 3681 times | asked by Alkaloid Junkie 1938 day 9 h

  3. V-Drums, Recording, Midi, Sample Sets

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    I'm recording a band where the drummer plays V-Drums. I'm tracking his midi for the pass through. My goal is to aim the midi at a sampler like Battery (which I

    Rss viewed 3850 times | asked by Daniel Kushner 1960 day 6 h