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  1. specific acoustic guitar sound?

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    ok so i'm looking to get specific guitar sounds here are some examples of the exact sound im looking for:

    Rss viewed 2100 times | asked by Rueben Lovescheesecake Jankowiak 1322 day 15 h

  2. How can I improve my acoustic guitar recordings?

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    I've been recording some acoustic guitar lately and I'm looking for a few tips, techniques, or new ideas to try out. For the most part I have been throwing a l

    Rss viewed 4773 times | asked by Twisted Engineer 1689 day 23 h

  3. Eliminating string squeak?

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    Other than practicing better fretting hand technique (which I seriously lack), how can I minimize string squeal/squeak in a recording of acoustic guitar? Is it

    Rss viewed 8650 times | asked by Scottie James 1851 day 21 h