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  1. Audio recording, editing, and sequencing software for under $100?

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    I've been getting a lot of inqueries lately asking me for suggestions on audio software in the sub $100 range.I'm not all that familiar with many of the new bud

    Rss viewed 8150 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1745 day 23 h

  2. Which DAW(s) do you prefer to Pro Tools, and why?

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    After working with Apple Logic for nearly I year I began to use Pro Tools in my college's audio facilities. I almost immediately preferd Pro Tools for it's simp

    Rss viewed 4839 times | asked by Griffin_Ritze 1729 day 11 h

  3. Has anyone used Propellerhead's Record software?

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    I'm just curious if anyone has used or is using Propellerhead's new Record software, and what you think of it. I don't know of anyone who has checked it out yet

    Rss viewed 2779 times | asked by olympia shines 1743 day 18 h

  4. What recording software would you recommend for the PC as an upgrade to Audacity?

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    I'm Using audacity...what program is a good program that is similar to audacity (simple) and yet has everything i need to edit vocals?

    Rss viewed 2737 times | asked by zach 1753 day 5 h

  5. what is the best recording software for vocals?

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    i use dell inspiron laptop.  i use audacity and have acid pro 7 too im just wondering if the quality of voice depends on the software in some ways?

    Rss viewed 5419 times | asked by zach 1762 day 21 h

  6. Recording equipment and software suggestions?

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    I play the electric, bass and acoustic guitar, I sing and I do some songwriting. I'd like to be able to record my guitars and vocals and edit this so I can put

    Rss viewed 3500 times | asked by Bram Tant 1791 day 14 h

  7. Will Akai ever make their MPC files interoperable with DAW software?

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    I'm posting this great question on behalf of @CreamoUK "Do u think Akai will ever make their MPC files interoperable with computer based programs i.e. (Reaso

    Rss viewed 4183 times | asked by Recording Questions 1792 day 12 h