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  1. Drums and Mics

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    Hello All -   My question today may be a little dumb, but I'm not a drummer and never really recorded drummers before.  Anyway, my question is:&n

    Rss viewed 5157 times | asked by Rafael E. Nunez 1042 day 13 h

  2. How do I record drums?

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    Hiya! Just doin a sort of demo/EP thing atm, the genres metal (more melodic not thrash), and i've got an old m-box and im using protools. Guitars are okay to b

    Rss viewed 2578 times | asked by MrPlasticCrocodile 1100 day 21 h

  3. Transients

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    Hey Guys-  I have a somewhat simple question: What is a Transient?  I'm not referring to a homeless guy  :) I heard this term when speaking abo

    Rss viewed 9481 times | asked by Rafael E. Nunez 1165 day 6 h

  4. Steve Slate Drums- favorite kits?

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    We just got Steve Slate EX, but are looking at the Metal expansion pack. What are everyone's favorite kits? Related- in the Kontact 3 player, how to I add a mod

    Rss viewed 3188 times | asked by Daniel Kushner 1747 day 7 h

  5. Making drums sound "bigger" in the mix

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    I know this question has been answered countless times elsewhere, and there is no right or wrong answer, but how do I mix drums to make them sound huge? I can't

    Rss viewed 16164 times | asked by rockandrollsteve 1821 day 7 h

  6. what kind of fabric/material is best for making a "dead space"

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    i was talking with my friend about his studio and how he acoustically treated his room with the real acoustic foam. well i would do this if my room wasnt huge,

    Rss viewed 4963 times | asked by djbartos93 1851 day 6 h

  7. Do you record your toms with one or two mics?

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    I've been recording drums for a while and I can't seem to get the tone I want from just a single microphone. I'm wondering, how do the rest of you out there mi

    Rss viewed 5156 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1903 day 11 h

  8. How or where would be a good place to learn how to tune drums?

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    It seems that most every drummer that comes into the studio can't tune their kit to save their life...unfortunatly, I can't either. I really want to have a goo

    Rss viewed 4316 times | asked by phat_tunes 1932 day 13 h

  9. V-Drums, Recording, Midi, Sample Sets

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    I'm recording a band where the drummer plays V-Drums. I'm tracking his midi for the pass through. My goal is to aim the midi at a sampler like Battery (which I

    Rss viewed 3860 times | asked by Daniel Kushner 1963 day 12 h

  10. How do i properly record Scream Vocals?

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    Hi there my name is Adrian and I write, produce, and play my own music for my band WeFightTheKnight. I'm still new to producing but have a lot of the prope

    Rss viewed 48016 times | asked by guest 1991 day 12 h

  11. Do you have any 4-mic Drum recipes?

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     I was messing with the Glyn Johns mic setup earlier,  and was wondering if anyone else had any other drum mic recipes that involved 4 or fewer mics.

    Rss viewed 5544 times | asked by Ape Trax 1968 day 9 h

  12. How to regularize the drums?

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    I have this situation: the drummer records the track (8 tracks in a multitrack session). Now, how do I check how distant are the recorded beats from their theor

    Rss viewed 3304 times | asked by Vasily Korolev 1975 day 11 h

  13. How do I get a professional metal drum sound?

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    I was wondering what the best way would be to go about mic'ing and mixing drums to make them have a professional metal sound.  

    Rss viewed 9537 times | asked by guest 1991 day 5 h