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  1. Audio recording, editing, and sequencing software for under $100?

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    I've been getting a lot of inqueries lately asking me for suggestions on audio software in the sub $100 range.I'm not all that familiar with many of the new bud

    Rss viewed 12958 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1929 day 17 h

  2. How do i record that big upfront metal tone on guitar

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    Alright, so i'm 15 and i've been into recording for about a year now. I have 3 amps, (Behringer v-tone 212, Line 6 spider, and a 120w Crate).. So i've been list

    Rss viewed 8272 times | asked by Lane Duskin 1975 day 10 h

  3. What is a good book on how to edit vocals?

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    ok guys i really appreciate your help but i realize i need to do alot last question is, what book or "how to" can i buy or order that explains everyth

    Rss viewed 5168 times | asked by zach 1936 day 23 h

  4. list all the editing i need to do after recording vocals

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    to get better quality in my vocal recordings, i do know i need to compress/EQ/normalize/reverb.  i know u guys know im not experienced AT ALL.  but im

    Rss viewed 3737 times | asked by zach 1936 day 19 h

  5. Online recording programs?

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    So, we are a newly-formed band from Atlanta, GA. We've been looking for good recording programs for a few weeks now, and since we don't have money to pay for th

    Rss viewed 5285 times | asked by monologuesmusic 1973 day 6 h

  6. What do I need to know to prepare and edit audio for video?

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    I've recently been asked to edit some sound for a music video shoot at a local auditorium.  What I have been asked to do is to take the audio tracks from t

    Rss viewed 2456 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1983 day 23 h