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  1. Questions about recording audio to external firewire 800 drive

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    I am going to start recording to an external hard drive now as i've heard you shouldnt record to the internal drive (or wherever the OS is).  I have a coup

    Rss viewed 3435 times | asked by j l 1247 day 10 h

  2. Garageband and an external hard drive - questions

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    I just have a couple questions if anyone has the time to answer them. 1.  If I'm using a firewire 800 external drive to RECORD my audio onto (i have my ga

    Rss viewed 3746 times | asked by j l 1235 day 6 h

  3. What interface is working well for you with your iMac?

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    Absolutely have had it with trying to make my Presonus Audiobox USB work right with my new iMac or old PC! It'll work fine one session, and then the next; nothi

    Rss viewed 3760 times | asked by Scottie James 1416 day 20 h

  4. What is the difference between a firewire interface and USB?

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    I was wondering if there was an advantage to using one over the other. Are there any disadvantages to one interface over the other?

    Rss viewed 3914 times | asked by Bring Money 1602 day 19 h