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  1. How can I get opera vocals to stop peaking! HELP!

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    Hi everyone! I'm recording vocals for an opera, so of course, there are some extremely high notes. No matter what I do with my Audiotechnica AT2020 USB micropho

    Rss viewed 6243 times | asked by entangledhere 1335 day 21 h

  2. How can I keep a Voice Actor screaming into a mic from peaking and distorting the sound?

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    I'm having trouble with screaming into my mic for animated lines. When I scream or yell or say things too loud, the mic peeks and distorts the sound. Backing up

    Rss viewed 8909 times | asked by Josh 1616 day 22 h

  3. What are the optimal Mix Levels for mix down?

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    Between what levels should your final mix be before normalizing and mixdown?

    Rss viewed 3637 times | asked by Freyr 1972 day 12 h

  4. Instrument Levels

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    What's the lowest level in a mix bass or drums. Is there any public instrument level charts? How low can you really go on levels w/ 16-bit recording (the lowest

    Rss viewed 3797 times | asked by Freyr 1972 day 12 h