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  1. Building a rack.

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    I put together a little rack that I use both in the studio and in live applications. I play the sax and use a wireless mic at shows.  What I put together i

    Rss viewed 3248 times | asked by tnjsax 1769 day 14 h

  2. Trying to put together a decent rig for a very musical church.

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    My best bud attends a church that is rebuilding their facility and part of that will include upgrading the sound equipment. They will probably have a budget of

    Rss viewed 3618 times | asked by tnjsax 1853 day 10 h

  3. What are some of the good digital mixers available on the market?

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    It's been a while since I've lookup for a decent digital mixer and I'm starting to look again. I'd like something that can possible be used for both live and s

    Rss viewed 3348 times | asked by Gear Guy 1916 day 18 h