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  1. How can I setup a vocoder on a vocal track with Logic 9?

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    I know its a confusing process but can any1 from step 1 explain how to set it up using a vocal track on logic pro 9? new at logic and confused

    Rss viewed 7373 times | asked by skillz II 1783 day 17 h

  2. What is each program in the logic studio bundle used for?

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    I bought a bundle ($500) and I'm just curious to know which programs u prefer for certain things? What is each program specifically for? O

    Rss viewed 2841 times | asked by skillz II 1776 day 20 h

  3. Cubase to Logic

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    Hi all, just looking for some people with experience of working in a studio running Cubase and maybe Logic too. I've recently started working recording bands i

    Rss viewed 2791 times | asked by Chris Hollis 1808 day 5 h

  4. Bypassing normalizing in the recording stages of Logic Pro or Pro Tools

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    Sorry guys but i couldnt figure out how to add this to the question I say here is org question" How exactly does normalizing help your tracks? When should it be

    Rss viewed 4748 times | asked by Ed Mertens 1965 day 16 h