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  1. Do you have any tips for recording shaker percussion?

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    I'm trying to record some Maracas and Cabasa for a small project I'm working on but I'm not happy with the results so for. I'm trying to record these with a Sh

    Rss viewed 7365 times | asked by phat_tunes 1806 day 0 h

  2. Do you record your toms with one or two mics?

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    I've been recording drums for a while and I can't seem to get the tone I want from just a single microphone. I'm wondering, how do the rest of you out there mi

    Rss viewed 4930 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1803 day 23 h

  3. Common mid-side micing technique situations?

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    I've been experimenting a bit more with the mid-side micing technique as of late. So far I really like it on acoustic guitar but have yet to try it anything el

    Rss viewed 5970 times | asked by Twisted Engineer 1818 day 15 h

  4. How do i properly record Scream Vocals?

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    Hi there my name is Adrian and I write, produce, and play my own music for my band WeFightTheKnight. I'm still new to producing but have a lot of the prope

    Rss viewed 45790 times | asked by guest 1892 day 1 h

  5. How do I get a professional metal drum sound?

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    I was wondering what the best way would be to go about mic'ing and mixing drums to make them have a professional metal sound.  

    Rss viewed 9273 times | asked by guest 1891 day 17 h