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  1. Pre-production? what is that?

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    Many of the problems encountered on recording time may be solved with a good pre-production, taking in account that many of us are no professionals, i think tha

    Rss viewed 7334 times | asked by Pablo Santiago 1834 day 22 h

  2. How or where would be a good place to learn how to tune drums?

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    It seems that most every drummer that comes into the studio can't tune their kit to save their life...unfortunatly, I can't either. I really want to have a goo

    Rss viewed 4290 times | asked by phat_tunes 1891 day 1 h

  3. What are some tips to prepare your voice for a recording session?

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    I really don't seem to see much preparation for vocals from artists these days.  I know that in the past when I was going to sing (badly), that I would hav

    Rss viewed 9311 times | asked by Twisted Engineer 1935 day 6 h