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  1. Audio volume fades while DI guitar recording

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    Hey firstly any help would be greatly appreciated. Ok the problem is I do a lot of DI guitar recording usually in to Cubase Sx2, i had a computer failure last w

    Rss viewed 5472 times | asked by Kev 1810 day 13 h

  2. What is wrong with my recording setup?

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     I have 2 microphones, but both of them have a 1/4" cable on the end. I want to record with them on my laptop, but I only have a USB and 2 1/8" inputs(Mic/

    Rss viewed 3512 times | asked by GTRTG 1819 day 7 h

  3. Trying to daisy chain audio interfaces

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    I am trying to link a tascam us 144 mkII to a M-Audio fast track ultra through the s/pdif and I cant get it to work. Any Ideas?

    Rss viewed 5194 times | asked by caleb 1839 day 0 h