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  1. You have $5k to spend on improving your studio, how would you spend it and why?

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    Would you spend it a few less expensive items or 1 big ticket dream piece.  It's for your studio so it can even be a stand alone printer that prints direct

    Rss viewed 5418 times | asked by Mix Master 1936 day 1 h

  2. How long do you spend getting your rough mixes together?

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    Do you guys spend a ton of time putting together your rough mixes (cleaning up audio, project, and timing issues, setting up audio routing and basic plugins/out

    Rss viewed 4337 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1968 day 0 h

  3. How do you guys prefer to backup your recording projects?

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    I know there are quite a few different backup mediums these days, but I'm wondering what everyone is doing to make sure that their important sessions or recordi

    Rss viewed 2534 times | asked by Twisted Engineer 1977 day 14 h