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  1. I'm looking to buy a shockmount for my Rode NT3, what suppliers do you recommended?

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    I'll be looking to buy a good shockmount for my Rode, there are quite a few sources out there that I am considering  -  i.e. Sweetwater, Musician's

    Rss viewed 4408 times | asked by Recording Questions 1427 day 1 h

  2. Which recording software is your preferred choice for Windows 7

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    I am on the brink of buying brand new hardware, with Windows 7 being the operating system of choice. I have a couple of years experience on an intermediate leve

    Rss viewed 4078 times | asked by Theo 1781 day 16 h

  3. Has anyone here built a kit microphone preamp, what kits do you suggest?

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    I'm really thinking of putting together my own microphone preamp(s) from a kit.Besides the lower price, I'd like to get more experience with the innards of digi

    Rss viewed 5292 times | asked by Gear Guy 1906 day 0 h

  4. Lookinging for recomendations for a good pair of studio monitors...

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    Hey, Im looking into upgrading my project studio's monitors.. i currently have the KRK Rokit 5's. One of them has blew out and don't really want to replace it,

    Rss viewed 4324 times | asked by adubproductions 1874 day 0 h

  5. ProTools Question - Instrument track

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    Ok, So in Pro Tools 8 when you have a session with Instrument tracks and you make your VI plug-ins Inactive before closing your session ( due to the chance of n

    Rss viewed 3388 times | asked by adubproductions 1881 day 16 h

  6. My KRK Rokit Powered 5 Fuse Blows out everytime i turn it on..what can i do?

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    Yes I have a KRK Rokit Powered 5 studio monitor ( the older model..i know.. the new ones sound way better ) and the fuse blew out, so i replace the fuse with th

    Rss viewed 16551 times | asked by adubproductions 1890 day 14 h