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  1. i am planning to buy a laptop as well as an LED monitor for home recording any suggestions?

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    the cheaper the better

    Rss viewed 2467 times | asked by Cam Gross 1752 day 6 h

  2. Forming a LLC and indie record label

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    Hello all. now that i have built up my studio and quite a nice list of clients i was wondering what will it take to form a LLC. i mean i know there is all the n

    Rss viewed 4317 times | asked by djbartos93 1779 day 4 h

  3. Which DAW(s) do you prefer to Pro Tools, and why?

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    After working with Apple Logic for nearly I year I began to use Pro Tools in my college's audio facilities. I almost immediately preferd Pro Tools for it's simp

    Rss viewed 5078 times | asked by Griffin_Ritze 1873 day 17 h

  4. Should I record electric guitars by amp or direct

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    My band is getting ready to record our first album and I am having problems with my guitar sound...I play Telecaster and Stratocaster type guitars and also have

    Rss viewed 5645 times | asked by olde_hippie64 1881 day 12 h

  5. Should I build or purchase an speaker cabinet isolation box?

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    I have a very modest one room studio at the moment, and I have a hard time recording multiple instruments at once.  In particular say, drums and guitar bec

    Rss viewed 4480 times | asked by phat_tunes 1885 day 6 h