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  1. How do i record that big upfront metal tone on guitar

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    Alright, so i'm 15 and i've been into recording for about a year now. I have 3 amps, (Behringer v-tone 212, Line 6 spider, and a 120w Crate).. So i've been list

    Rss viewed 7981 times | asked by Lane Duskin 1906 day 20 h

  2. How or where would be a good place to learn how to tune drums?

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    It seems that most every drummer that comes into the studio can't tune their kit to save their life...unfortunatly, I can't either. I really want to have a goo

    Rss viewed 4260 times | asked by phat_tunes 1864 day 6 h

  3. Online recording programs?

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    So, we are a newly-formed band from Atlanta, GA. We've been looking for good recording programs for a few weeks now, and since we don't have money to pay for th

    Rss viewed 5247 times | asked by monologuesmusic 1904 day 16 h

  4. Recordin with M-audio Fast Track Ultra 8R in Adobe Audition

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    Hello, I'm recording with M-audio Fast Track Ultra 8R and I want to record at 24 bit depth, I know that in Audition I have to set 32 bit to record with 24 bit,

    Rss viewed 7221 times | asked by Vasily Korolev 1906 day 4 h

  5. Bass Drum Question

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    I am wondering why my bass drum, no matter who I am recording or what drum I use, ends up popping or woofing some speakers (car stereo, boom box) but sounds fin

    Rss viewed 4631 times | asked by Alkaloid Junkie 1914 day 21 h