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  1. Do you know of anything that can help my creation of glitching screams?

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    I'd like to know how to cut screams, or any vocals for that matter so they will sound like they are glitchy or skipping (Woe, Is Me uses this for example). It's

    Rss viewed 4687 times | asked by Clifford Donald Snabb II 1420 day 14 h

  2. Recording Screaming Vocals?

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    hi, im a vocalist and an amatur musician, and i need some advice on recording. im currently using Mixcraft 5 as my recording program and a samson usb mic for my

    Rss viewed 5728 times | asked by Anthony Garcia 1418 day 20 h

  3. How can I keep a Voice Actor screaming into a mic from peaking and distorting the sound?

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    I'm having trouble with screaming into my mic for animated lines. When I scream or yell or say things too loud, the mic peeks and distorts the sound. Backing up

    Rss viewed 8603 times | asked by Josh 1549 day 16 h

  4. How do i properly record Scream Vocals?

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    Hi there my name is Adrian and I write, produce, and play my own music for my band WeFightTheKnight. I'm still new to producing but have a lot of the prope

    Rss viewed 46543 times | asked by guest 1924 day 20 h