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  1. Suggestions for upgrading from Pro tools 6.1 LE

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    Up until very recently, I had been using an old imac with Pro Tools LE 6.1 with a Digi002 Rack.  An archaic set up, i know, but whatever. Today, I bought

    Rss viewed 3352 times | asked by Phillip Q Treisman 1472 day 11 h

  2. What should I look for in an audio snake for my studio?

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    I'm thinking about getting a snake to run from my mix position to another tracking room.  I would like it to have at least 10 channels to work with. I've

    Rss viewed 2648 times | asked by Gear Guy 1694 day 11 h

  3. My KRK Rokit Powered 5 Fuse Blows out everytime i turn it on..what can i do?

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    Yes I have a KRK Rokit Powered 5 studio monitor ( the older model..i know.. the new ones sound way better ) and the fuse blew out, so i replace the fuse with th

    Rss viewed 16617 times | asked by adubproductions 1893 day 1 h

  4. Whats the view on protools 8?

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    I know im behind with the times, since it been out for ages, but what are peoples views on the lastest version of protools eight? i've been considering the upgr

    Rss viewed 3072 times | asked by Danny Gallagher 1926 day 11 h