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  1. Recording an instructor' while filming him from a distance

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    OK, so here's my problem: I snuck myself into our Ninjutsu club's sporting event as the "photographer" - I have to video the event using my consumer Canon HF10

    Rss viewed 1999 times | asked by Avi 1152 day 14 h

  2. Where can I find good video tutorials on guitar cabinet mic techniques?

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    I'm hoping some of you have a coupld of good resources or at least a few links to decent video tutorials for micing guitar cabinets. I'm not looking for any ty

    Rss viewed 3801 times | asked by Twisted Engineer 1727 day 12 h

  3. What do I need to know to prepare and edit audio for video?

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    I've recently been asked to edit some sound for a music video shoot at a local auditorium.  What I have been asked to do is to take the audio tracks from t

    Rss viewed 2460 times | asked by Justin Vencel 1986 day 5 h